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At Amazon Ads, I am one of the four designers working on the integration and simplification of the advertising sales platform - Internal Ad Console. I am responsible for projects that fall under the scope of Sales Performance and Management, which includes sales features from planning, performing, and tracking to gap closing. 

Until now, I have three 0 to 1 (and more improvement) products that have been globally launched to support the Ad Sales team (~3200 users) managing ~10B Amazon revenue business.

Cross-functional and iterative working process

I redefine and improve my workflow on a daily basis in supporting various projects and teams at Amazon Ads. I continuously practice different methodologies and adapt to professional needs to maximize my team contribution.

Working at Amazon, I hold myself accountable for demonstrating the Leadership Principles of Ownership, Invent and Simplify, and Think Big to unpack problems, validate needs, and shape solutions.

The user journey scope that I am responsible for at Amazon Adsocess
User journey.png
Launched project  showcase - Account planner

Account Planner is a template product solution that offers the sales team an automated and streamlined solution to defined goals, timelines, and action items in the planning process to help them migrate off of quip & word documents in favor of a scalable central solution.

Design Problem

Before Account Planner, Ad sales team uses Quip - a Salesforce spreadsheet tool - to create plans to strategize the sales accounts they manage. The user pain points that we tried to resolve:

old design.png

* Old Quip manual template

Lack of automated data-sync to keep the advertiser context up-to-date

Lack of centralized, standardized plan templates for each business vertical to drive consistent and best-in-class outputs from the account plan

Lack of systematic tracking and review of the goals and actions that set in the plan

UX Solution
image 35.png
image 36.png
image 37.png
Achieved a connected and end-to-end account planning experience
User Feedback

"The interface is pretty straightforward to navigate so I don’t have trouble submitting my plan within a few hours. I would love to have more interaction features but so far my experience has been great.


                                                                             - Sr. Account Executive, LCS, US

Your ‘customer service’ has been incredible. Team Nestle has a unique account framework and often is an exception for internal reporting. The system enabling Team Nestle to create account plans and pull in financials aligned to the accounts under the Nestle parent significantly improved our experience with the platform.


                                                                             - Sr. Account Executive, LCS, US

Business Impact

Support the account planning process across 8 regions/teams, covering a projected 2,358 advertiser accounts

Accomplished VP (Vice President) goal, saved 31,000 hours with an average of 50 hrs saving of per plan owner

Achieved YoY growth of 45% in the number of plan creations and enabled 50%+ target user group to create plans for the first time

At Amazon, I collaborate with cross-functional teams to build customer-focused ad sales solutions at scale. Please reach out if you are interested in hearing more about my role!
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