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Developing tools:  OpenFrameworks,  MadMapper,  Arduino

Format:  Projection Mapping

Programming:  OpenFrameworks ( C++ )

Manufacture one piece of peace and ease by simulating a natural environment by combining multiple cozy nature elements



This is an interactive installation by simulating the environment of nature and city, using sounds and videos, to boost audience reflecting the boundaries and relationships between nature, city, and human. Boundary means the suitable place where people should stay at between nature and artificial world.


This interactive project can interact with the attendee's distance to build different environmental experiences. When there is no people standing in front of this projection mapping installation, it builds one cozy and comfortable nature space by projecting multiple videos and playing various audio sources which represent the nature. On the contrary, if the projected sensor detects someone is closing, it will change the video and audio sources into the ones which represent the artificial world for building one experience full of city sense. 


Project Documentation

User interactive diagram

The viewer more close to this installation more videos about nature will be substituted, which means the interactor more close to the artificial world and vice versa.


Implementing Process

Idea development

Visualize the thinking process

Design standpoint

Design questions

Since the project itself represents one artificial space, I consider using the square shapes to set up the physical installation to pile up the city sense because there is no perfect square object existed in nature. Therefore, one environment made by perfect squares can be the metaphor of artificial environment.

Visual sources

Video sources I used as the visual content

The testing of distance interaction


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