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Have you been surprised by those glorious church buildings?

And attracted by their exquisite and grand appearances?

The most breath-taking and impressive part lies in their beauty of architecture. 

Through them, you can probe into the whole European history.


Due to my strong interest to the western church architecture, I designed a website to have more people gaining a better appreciation of this kind of prominent architecture. This web is designed for church and architecture lovers, they can browse this theme web to obtain information about church buildings, like the buildings’ basic information, their pictures, structures and the tourist guidance.

Demonstration of Site Interactions

Homepage Animation

Quick Preview

Church Information

3D Modelin

The idea of this website is the whole animatic effects and the application of three-dimensional techniques. Those design methods can help browsers directly appreciate the excellent buildings and have a full range of comprehension about them.​

Introduction and Church Architecture 3D Modeling 

Web introduction

Web Flow


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