Project Workflow

Step 1 -- Good things worth to share - Getting inspiration by observation


I noticed that lots of my friends love to share their pet's photos or videos on social media platforms and also, most of my friends would like to repost the funny animals videos and photos when they like them because they want to share the recorded pleasant moment to their connections.

The clips of data research from Youtube

I browsed some funny animal's video on the Youtube according to the hot ranking. Those hilarious videos have stunning view numbers, which is proportional to the numbers of thumbs up. Viewers give generously of their likes to those videos because it is one very simple interaction that is clicking the like button. I got the inspiration to build one charity app to raise donations by applying same interactive mechanic. One click interaction is simple and easy but also could be tremendous and significance.

Setp 2 -- Build positive donative loop - Idea expand by brainstorm


1. The best way to mobilize people to make a donation that is to allow people know where their efforts go.

2. Building positive feedbacks between the donors and donees for impelling donation action.

3. Invoking positivity by using their interests and concern in many ways.

4. Applying the resources of social media.

The ideation criterion

User Personas

Persona 1

Persona 3

Persona 2

Core donative mechanic: transfer likes into money


Creative way to donation​

Initial workflow in the mind 

This is a donation App by sharing pleasant animal photos/videos to earn other's donation for animal shelters, in order to support their activities to change homeless animals’ life and achieving the ultimate goal which reducing animal's euthanasia. This product offers one bold but creative idea to arouse public attention and raise money merely by one click interaction.

The design solution of this mobile application aims at simplifying the donation mechanic to mobilize user to make donation



Reaching the goal means a more humane world. Every dollar raised supports lifesaving work, and there’s no better feeling than helping those who can’t help themselves.

UI Delivery

Prototype demo made by InVision

Interactive Prototype




Like videos to make donations for animals


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