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Data Viz of Starbucks Drinks Nutrition

Data Visualization


A data visualization practice by using the nutrition facts data of Starbuck menu. People want to be aware of the various content of drinks. It could be helpful for viewers if they can compare nutrition facts such as calories, fat, protein, fiber, and carbohydrate at a glance.

Visualizing thoughts

Data Visualization for people who love Starbucks coffee and who want to maintain a healthy diet.


Starbucks is a No.1 coffee brand globally. In New York, I found most people drink coffee every day, but they are not aware of the exact nutrition facts of each beverage in detail. Also, sometimes we don't know what we exactly want to choose among lots of new drink menu. Smart Starbucks suggests coffee and beverage for people to make easier and smarter decisions in daily life when they choose what to drink. To design the user experience from data

Visualization Progress

Data source

Data Sheets

Working Process

Detailed data including the calories, fat, protein and sugar in the Starbucks menu

Categorizing different drinks

Visualizing data in Rstudio


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