Touch sense & Visualization

The dynamic effects generated by the physical properties of sound itself. This project visualizes the auditory source by analyzing its volume and frequency. From my perspective, it is one objective way to transform auditory information into visual information. 

This installation installs one tactile sound transducer directly under the touch part for transferring the sound source into touchable vibration. Applying the sound vibrating in the project, it is because vibration is the sound’s natural property and also in the reality, feeling the vibration is the only way for hearing impaired person to sense auditory information.

After the interviews with my target users, I realized that they have the strong curiosity about the sound from nature. They are keen on knowing the dulcet sounds from nature. Therefore, it is reasonable to use the sound of ocean waves as the auditory information in this project. 

Interview notes

User interviews

The core design thoughts and methods directed by objectively interpreting the sound material and offering one artistic experience which possessing the humanistic concern.

Hi, Sound! is one sound installation that created for people who have the difficulty of hearing. This installation visualizes the sound of the ocean and transmits the sound vibration at the same time to the toucher. Presenting users one immersive and multi-senses( the senses of vision and touch) experience to taste the wondrous nature of the ocean wave

Developing tool: OpenFrameworks( C++ ), Arduino ( C ), Physical Computing 


Implementing Process

The documentation of working process

 Structure schema

User testing of  the visualization 

Top View

Side View

Developing the installation structure

Sketch of achieving physical structure

The transmission of sound vibration

Hi, Sound!

During the trip to Puerto Rico, I was touched by the glamour of the ocean in there. At that moment, I was thinking that what a pity if people cannot hear the dulcet sound and feel the treasure nature of the ocean. I came out the idea of creating one immersive installation to translate the feeling of the ocean to people who have the difficulty of hearing and sense it by this art piece.


After researching on the possibility to allow the people who have the difficulty of hearing to feel sounds, I realize that people can via other senses to produce synesthesia,  empathy, and resonance to sense auditory information.

The Designer & Developer & Craftswoman

Sensing mechanism

Making process

HI, SOUND! applied the sound visualization to represent the property of sound to viewers. The gridded visual design plays the role of the transmitter in presenting the property of sound and, the dynamics generated from the wave frequencies of ocean source itself.


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