Client: BCG Confidential Client - Early Childhood Education 

Release Date: 2020

Llama is an ECE(Early Childhood Education) engagement platform that helps care providers and teachers to increase communication and maintain a trustworthy relationship with parents by sending parents updates about their kids throughout the school day. This ECE platform significantly increases transparency between caregivers and parents, and eases parents' worries while their kids are away in school.

Llama venture is a validation sprint of BCG Digital Ventures that helps the client define and scope the product MVP to build and launch in early 2021, to meet the escalated communication demand between teacher and parents under the social distancing requirements of COVID. Product solutions came out of the validation sprint have been successfully sold into incubation sprint ( product building phase) to be developed, and the aimed market launch is July 2021.

Project Responsibilities

During ideation, I have participated in ethnographic research and stakeholder interviews to shape concepts. In the building stage, I have delivered multiple prototypes for user testings and designed the final product experience and the branding for incubating. 

Product Experience

Product Identifying Process

Conduct interviews to understand key parent frictions

We uncovered 3 distinctive pillars based around need states that lay the foundation to deliver a complete, user-centered ECE experience

Product Positioning

We identified 11 personas across our 3 stakeholders, each mapped to a set of needs and aspirations

And consolidated them into 4 persona use cases with overlapping needs and aspirations that capture key need states and opportunities

Product Landscape

User journey map and mapped frictions

Our ECE interaction map shows how the need states of our 3 stakeholders unfold across our 3 pillars over the end-to-end ECE journey

Key frictions and needs this product solves

Sitemap- Parent App

Unmoderated testing flows for parent and teacher

Final Design

Parent Screens

Parent Prototype Walk-through Video

Teacher Screens

Teacher Prototype Walk-through Video