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Client: Alcon

Release Date: 2018

MARLO is a platform that allows patients to place Alcon contact lens order online and have their lenses shipped right to their doorstep, while keeping the relationship and revenue with their existing eye doctor. I served as a product designer who created and shaped the entire MARLO UI and UX for the validation and incubation sprints at BCG Digital Ventures. 

My Project Responsibilities

During Validation Sprint: I worked closely with clients, consultants, product managers to validate MARLO product features by delivering testing prototypes and conducting user testings, in order to understand user desirabilities and prioritize feature sets to build incubating roadmaps for the next sprint.

During Incubation Sprint: I collaborated with other designers and product managers to build the MARLO contact lens ordering platform from scratch, defining user journey and information architecture, shaping UX flows and steps, designing UI principles. In the later phase of the incubation sprint, I worked firmly with engineers to develop the product to launch. 

After Incubation: As the only designer from BCGDV for the transition phase, I conducted numerous design documentations to make sure have a smooth product transition with the new company team. The documentation work included illustrating comprehensive UX construct, finalizing style guide, conducting specification documents and etc..

MARLO Product Video - Click to view

What's MARLO

MARLO is a digital-first contact lens platform that helps eye care providers retain patient orders in their

offices by providing their patients with a more seamless, end-to-end experience. We address the needs of contact lens users through the expertise and care of the eye care provider, strengthening the doctor-patient relationship.

A digital eye care ally

Our Belief

We believe that getting quality lenses should be an effortless and enriching experience. In an industry that feels disconnected, trivial, and out-of-date, we’re bridging the gap between ECPs & patients to bring a more modern, yet pleasant eye care journey.

Product Identifying and Validating 


Identifying User Pain Points 

During ethnography research, an abundance of pain points emerged for both patients and ECPs. We built the product strategy by focusing on addressing those learned frictions in the building process.

MARLO Market Opportunity

We looked into the market landscape and explored our opportunity to develop a purposeful eye health brand where quality and expertise exist harmoniously.

Defined Key Business Goals

•Enhance patient experience and convenience when ordering lenses

•Address market frictions with ECP by helping them manage the shift to online/digital platforms for lenses

•Proactively manage the evolving dynamics with distributors

Brand Strategy

We believe that a great lens experience shouldn’t come at the expense of quality and expertise

We Develop Brand Positioning by Defining the Relationships with the Two Different Customer Stakeholders

During the Validation Phase, we identified five patient segments/personas. The Non-Compromiser and Newbie personas form the basis for our Design and Secondary Targets

While our design focus is on the patient, we want to ensure that the platform also holds value for our strategic target: the Entrepreneurial ECP


Landing Page Demonstration

The core end-to-end ECP and patient experience that MARLO has enabled to date

UX Construct

The UX constructs outlined user flows based on features, it's an enhanced information architecture that delivers a visual schematic for the digital portal. On-screen content is outlined so that user-paths and application-structure emerge in a visual map.

Wireframe and Testing

We have built wireframes and testing prototypes based on the existing user journeys of eye care providers and patients, in order to test our assumption of the new contact lens ordering experience.

Wireframe Shot

A Glance View of MARLO Style Guide

MARLO Package Experience

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