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Client: Zoetis

Release Date: 2019


Pumpkin is pet insurance that covers accidents and illnesses for dogs and cats while providing important preventatives like flea and tick medication and vaccines for a low-cost monthly fee. I served as a designer who worked on the UI and UX of the web experience during the incubation sprint at BCG Digital Ventures. 

My Project Responsibilities

I collaborated closely with other designers and product managers to shape the initial Pumpkin web experience. During the product building process, my primary responsibility was working on UI and UX, defining a frictionless quotation and purchase experience for pet owners. Specifically, I participated in designing the navigation architecture and wireframes in terms of UX, and web screens, mobile layouts, visual principles and illustrations for UI.

Pumpkin's Product Mission

Provide a personalized, holistic approach to pet care that is designed to keep pets healthy. Enable parents to provide the best care available to their pets throughout their life, and empower vets to be the most effective advocates for their patients

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Pumpkin Brand Video

Understand Pet Care Trends and Frictions

Taking care of pets isn’t easy and as owners increasingly embrace pets as family members, several trends emerge:

  • Owners are focusing on preventative care, especially wellness services, premium foods, and pet activities

  • As more pet care information becomes available, owners are confused and don’t know which services are best for them

  • The cost of pet ownership is increasing as vets are providing more complex, costlier care and pets are living longer

These trends drive significant frictions for pet owners:

Pumpkin's Market Opportunity 


Only 2% of all pets in the United States are covered by pet insurance.

The Landscape

What Impact Pumpkin Will Deliver to Our Users

We have defined our product strategy by understanding the concerns of pet owners and focusing on addressing the major frictions

The experience we create for our customers is the pumpkin brand.

Pumpkin Design Principles

We put the pet at the center of the experience, and everything we do.


Speak directly “to the pet” and use personalized content that reflects the uniqueness of each dog.

We eliminate ambiguity and help pet parents see, understand, and act with confidence.


Give me and my vet the info, protection and support to best care for my pet – today and in the future.

We are focused on the immediate needs of pets and guide families to what’s best for each pet.


Make pricing clear and don’t try to sell me what I don’t need.  Assure me of exactly what will be covered and how it works.

We provide expert and empathetic support throughout the pet and parent’s journey.


Make it easy to get support or talk to someone who is empathetic to my pet’s needs. Help me see the lifetime value you bring.

We create healthier, happier world for pets and their families.


Be a thoughtful and compassion leader. Surprise and delight at every touch point. Show me the vision you have the world.

Pumpkin User Journey 

Pumpkin Sitemap

Mobile Quote Flow

Pumpkin UI Showcase

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