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One system design for the near future self-driving car


This is a 2-person studying case made by me and Feiou Su( We are excited about the self-driving future, and we can't wait to stay imaging it by starting this project: designing a mobile APP and matched car-mobile system for the self-driving ride and car rental service. This project requires an understanding of current technologies and trends in this field, and after thorough research, we supposed that the self-driving cars would first be introduced as a taxi service and for its born specialty. 

Design tools applied during the making process:


Scapple, Sketch

Illustrator, Photoshop

Adobe Experience Design, Principle, Framer

Product positioning 

Go-AUTO, one digital transportation system designed for Waymo self-driving car. We consider Waymo self-driving car will develop their market and promote services at the taxi and rental field after accomplishing the road test. We believe that the self-driving car can reform the way of individual's transportation since the tremendous advantages of the self-driving car, like the saving time for driving, more people accessing and safe driving conditions. 


Go-AUTO is a self-driving system designed with both of mobile end and vehicle end applications. Design strategy aims at offering travelers one float and user-friendly system to commute and rationally resolving the UX gaps brought by transforming from manned-driving to self-driving phase.



Why self-driving?

Developing journey of the Waymo self-driving car

Predicted environment

Our prediction based on the developing history of the Google self-driving car

Security and safety proved by road test -

After a year of early rider program taken place in Arizona, California, New York and Illinois, we proudly announced that our self-driving service has come across 100,000 work hours without any accident. The system has worked well along with the current road, traffics and human drivers. We can see the future of self-driving under the nose. 


States are lawfully allowing self-driving car on road as a service - 

33 states in the US are in the process of passing laws to make the self-driving car service possible, and the others are probably following up in the next a few months. 



We are launching our self-driving taxi service to the public soon -  

Our self-driving service is finally here! With custom-designed cars equipped with well-tested sensing system and world’s best self-driving algorithm, our service offers cheaper and better transport solutions. 


Our self-driving service is finally here! With custom-designed cars equipped with well-tested sensing system and world’s best self-driving algorithm, our service offers cheaper and better transport solutions. This service is not just a taxi service without drivers, and it is also a revolutionary all around transportation solution combining taxi ride and car rental. It is going to be so easy, simple and efficient like you own a car even though you don’t.


Features of mobile end application


After the requested car arrived the pickup location, the mobile app will receive one street view photo send from the on-car camera. We consider the photo can help the user better read the car's exact location and orientation in a moment.


Since there is no driver can turn on the car indicators to highlight where the specific car at and confirm the right passenger when under the case needed, the application must have the function to control the indicator to locate the service car. We designed the indicating button to allow user remotely control the vehicle indicators. 


The mobile App applies the fingerprint matching to offer passenger one secure method to confirm the service and complete the request procedure. The user can preset their setting of fingerprint identification when signing up with Go-AUTO.


There is an immediate-request service in the pull-up menu. This function allows users to check if there is a car can request within certain feets. It can indicate all available cars when the function activated and also, users can look up the detailed information of the car.


The mobile application applies the function of multiple destinations to allow passengers setting the drop-by station. Furthermore, users can draw their driving path by using the in-car application to customize their travel experience. 

Design process

Application function list

User experience schema

UI deliverable

Elements showcase

User interface showcase

Dynamic prototype - Selected function demonstration

*  Hover mouse on the particular demo to play the dynamic prototype

*  Download the Principle live demo via below link:


General service request 

Nearby request model

Book request model

Streetview effects

Service car indication

Multi-destination set

Unlock the car

Cancel service

Rental service

Progress of UI design - Sketches

Prototype iterations - 4 versions of UI prototype

Version 1 - Uncolored

Version 1 - Uncolored

Version 2 - Uncolored

Version 2 - Uncolored

Version 3 - Uncolored

Version 3 - Uncolored

Final Version

Final Version

Low fidelity prototype

Interviews with people driving often

User personas

User testing



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