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One series of illustration reveals the severe problems of the Chinese city.


Have you, living in the city, felt the environmental pollution around you?

Have you felt the huge pressure from population and transportation?

Or, the city we are living in is getting sick, without you noticing.



Industrialization gave birth to modernization, population clustering, energy shortage, environmental pollution, and traffic congestion, etc., which are leading to less and less healthy cities like people get sick, cities are getting tumors. It is reasonable to say that we are no more than certain kinds of parasites on earth. Life happened on this blue planet, and when it is capable of changing the nature, it should decide not to become the cancer cell for this planet but spare some resources and keep the environment clean. Therefore, I chose “sick city” as my topic and designed a series of posters from environment protection perspective, hoping to draw the general public’s attention for city issues.

Design Process

Final Illustrations

Traffic Problem

Population Problem

The Problem of Industrial Pollution

Showcase Photo


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