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U.F.O Bellies



Developing tool: Processing, Arduino, Physical Computing and Serial Communication

U.F.O. Bellies is a competitive physical game that requires players using the color on the bellies to match the color of the word on the screen.


U.F.O Bellies is one 4 player game, it allows two players to team up first and compete with another team. Every player is required to wear the belly which is the game controller to play. This game aims at applying amusing interaction into the game mechanic to offer players one distinctive gaming pleasure.

U.F.O. BELLIES has been selected to show in ALT.CTRL.GDC 2017 (Game Developers Conference).

Game Documentation

Implementing Process

Paper Prototype

We did the paper prototype to test the initial game mechanic. After the playable testing, we add one tricky mechanic to increase the amusement of the game.

Sketches of Physical Computing

Achieving Progress


First version prototype

GDC 2017

GDC Flashback

Team Members:

Yue Lin

Miyeon Kim

Xianghan Ma

Xiaomeng Tang







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